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We are a little different than the “BIG GUYS” out there. We are a family owned company with a belief that good service, fair pricing and a sincere desire to develop long term relationships with our customers is more important than making a fast buck over a short time.

We all sell commodity items that you use on a daily basis. These items include boxes, tape, cleaning supplies, safety supplies, janitorial supplies, business forms and many other things you take for granted. The only time you really notice these supply items is when your production department or maintenance people come in letting you know they are out and they need it “RIGHT NOW!”

This is how we differ from our competitors. We offer a unique inventory management program for all of your stock supplies. When you join our program you transfer the inventory responsibility of various items to us. We come in once a week, take an inventory of your supplies that are on the program and replenish them to an agreed upon level.

We offer unique inventory management programs! The benefits to you are:

• Lower Prices
• Paperwork Simplification
• Reduction of Inventory Investment
• Increase in Warehouse Space
• Improvement in Inventory Turnover